Retailers more and more are trying to provide customers products and experiences tailored specifically to their preferences to differentiate themselves from eCommerce. These initiatives typically require a greater investment in labor, impacting profitability.

Logile has already helped retailers manage this. Let us help you too.

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Retailers are feeling more pressure than ever. Between the continued rise of eCommerce, introduction of legislation regarding predictive labor scheduling and fair labor laws, rising wages and many other forces, retailers need a partner in workforce management that simplifies execution and allows them to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.

Informed analysis to support fact-based decisions about your merchandising offerings and programs is critical to target and foster the signature investments that will set your company apart, from those that won’t pay their own way.  Armed with the facts, you may decide to tweak a well-performing program, consider alternative out-sourcing of other programs to help them turn a real profit, or to retire programs that no longer serve your differentiation or profit needs.  Only when you can assemble a total cost and revenue picture for these programs do the insights for refinements become possible.

Consider as you continue to introduce products and services into your locations to differentiate your company from online retailers and drive traffic into your stores, how are you measuring the true labor cost? Are you measuring it at a program level across the company? How about a category level across the company? What if you could measure it at an individual UPC level? Furthermore, what about if you measure how this varies from store to store? This Engagement Paper will describe how Logile helped one of our customers accomplish this and the benefits of:

  • Accurate retail costing
  • Accurately mapping data to calculate true labor requirements
  • Understanding true, store-specific profitability at an item level

This case study will help you understand how Logile’s data analytics and UPC Analyzer™ can provide your organization with the power of facts to assess your item assortment and to understand item profitability fully loaded with all labor, shrink and supply costs.  This is a powerful new way to revise perishable merchandising programs and to optimize store assortments and space allocation by weeding out non-performing SKUs.  Assess which programs may be right for which stores armed with facts.  In labor intense perishable offerings, this insight can arm you to significantly impact gross profits, shrink and labor expense.

Industry leaders that rely on Logile:

Vitamin Shoppe
Ahold Delhaize

Logile was the only dedicated Workforce Management Solutions vendor to finish in the Retail Info Systems LeaderBoard Top 20, on the strength of delivering exceptional partnership and continually innovating with initiatives like Logile's UPC AnalyzerTM


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